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Colorado’s Obvious Choice for Auto Body Shop Repairs and Fleet Collision Services!

Sorry you had to find us, but we think you’ll be glad you did. You’ve just discovered a team of down-to-earth professionals bent on providing not only top-notch, efficient repairs… but a level of service you thought must be extinct. We love cars, but first and foremost, we care about YOU.

We’re eager to astound you. Try us and see!

Collision Repair

Elite Collision Systems specializes in repairing vehicles, from typical fender-benders and small accidents, to full-on collisions. With the expertise, equipment, and facility to get it right, we are able to get you back on the road quickly… like it never happened.

Insurance Assistance

Elite understands that for many people, dealing with the insurance company is the most painful part of the process. We got this. We work routinely with all insurance companies and will take this hassle right off your plate. No one minds paying for the very best when insurance is footing the bill!

Glass Replacement

Full windshield replacement and other auto glass needs are taken care of right on site. No need to hassle with multiple companies. Auto glass repairs are included in your estimate and handled in tandem with your repair by the professionals of Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint.

Auto Painting

Our state of the art paint system and skilled technicians will not let you down. We won’t offer or agree to provide a “bargain” paint job. There is an enormous difference between a cheap paint job and a proper one. Rest assured… we get it right.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) & Hail Damage

We’ve really got your back on this. Our sister company, Elite Hail Systems, was again voted “Best of the Best” this year… in 13 Colorado cities! Touted as “Colorado’s Experts”, there’s no one better to help you in this area. The hail damage restoration is completed for zero out of pocket, as Elite covers your deductible and a rental car!

Fleet Services

Colorado’s premier collision partner for organizations in the Denver area, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, who have a fleet of vehicles to maintain. Our concierge services take the sting out of the unavoidable dings and dents your fleet suffers taking care of your customers. You count on keeping your fleet on the road because your customers count on you. We get it… You can count on us to take care of your fleet of any size. Right down to your graphics and branding… We Got This.

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Today’s vehicles are equipped with a plethora of advanced features to make the driving experience easier and safer. From windshield sensors, cameras, lane and traffic sensors to adaptive cruise control, advanced technology abounds in late model vehicles. You’re driving a computer on wheels.

Properly checking and adjusting these systems requires training and technology that you just won’t find at many body shops. Elite Collision Systems happily chooses the extra costs and hassles associated with ADAS calibration equipment and the expertise to use it, because when you get your vehicle back, you want everything working as it was, and as it should… right down to the last bell and whistle.

Nobody wants to pick up their newly repaired vehicle only to find that things just aren’t quite right, and then discover they need to visit the dealership or a specialist and deal with additional hassle and expense. Rest assured, at Elite, we got this.

We’re Excited to Turn your Frown into a Smile!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Look… what you’ve found here is a great group of decent people who honestly want to help you. This is what we do, all day, every day. It isn’t easy, but we have the very best on our team. If something isn’t just right, we’re going to figure it out for you. We’re going to make you a RAVING FAN.